Skinny Mini Desserts Recipe Book

Skinny Mini Desserts

smd-coverSkinny Mini Desserts recipe book is now available for purchase eBook format (iTunes/ePub or PDF download) or paperback. This recipe book is designed for dessert lovers who strive for a healthy lifestyle. Having a sweet tooth and trying to stay fit and healthy can be a challenge. For me, it is a perpetual battle between eating healthy and craving sweets. I wanted to write a recipe book that offered a solution to this problem, by creating healthy desserts and smaller, individual portions.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Peanut Butter Pie Shooters

Plum Cake

Mini Chocolate Muffins

31 low-fat, miniature dessert recipes…

skinny mini dessert photos

No artificial sweeteners are used in any of the recipes. All of the dessert recipes are “mini,” based on the idea that eating smaller portions can help you to achieve a lower daily calorie intake. You can have your cake and eat it too, while being skinny!


Desserts should not be something that provokes feelings of guilt and regret, but rather something to be enjoyed in life!


  • 31 low-fat, low-calorie, tasty miniature dessert recipes
  • 20 exclusive recipes + 11 My San Francisco Kitchen favorites
  • 74 page, ePub (Apple) eBook format, PDF download or paperback
  • Great looking desserts made easy
  • Fun party recipes
  • High resolution photos and step-by-step instructions for each recipe
  • Detailed nutritional facts for each recipe
  • Tips on how to substitute healthier ingredients for your favorite dessert recipes

This eBook is optimized for use on iPad for easy use in the kitchen. The eBook version instantly downloads to your device.

Buy Skinny Mini Desserts in e-book version (Apple bookstore or PDF download) for $1.99 today!

Every day, thousands of children die from preventable causes, such as malnutrition and unsanitary drinking water. 10% of all earnings from this book will be donated to UNICEF Horn of Africa Relief. Thank you for your support.

Thank you for your interest in my recipe book, and I hope you enjoy making (and eating!) these little desserts as much as I do.



  1. Julia Hannemann says:

    Hi Kristianne, what a wonderful recipe creation. I would like to prepare each of them. They all look so tasteful. I would like to be nearby you to be besides Fabi one of your tester. :-!)
    How did you find the time to make it besides your studies?


    With Love JULIA

    I want to order it in book form to have it in the hands

  2. miranda says:

    So glad I cam across your little book of goodness! looking forward to making some of these goodies and selling your book on my website. will join as an affiliate very soon xx Miranda

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