Healthy Snacking Tips From Ellie Krieger

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Do any of you guys watch The Cooking Channel? Its my guilty pleasure. I can't decide which host is my favorite, but I definitely LOVE Ellie Krieger-she always has healthy recipes that inspire me. Just wanted to share a quick video from her where she discusses some healthy snacking tips. What is your favorite healthy snack?? I definitely need snacks to get me through my day, but instead of grabbing a cookie or finishing that leftover pie, I try to make sure my fridge is stocked with healthier choices. The biggest change I made when I decided to lose a few extra pounds and get in better shape was making smarter choices at the grocery store. I used to buy chips and ice cream for "those few times I would have it" but the temptation of that stuff being in my cupboards or freezer was just too much to handle! I made a rule for myself that I would never buy unhealthy snacks, because when it isn't in my apartment its sooo much easier to get over the craving and replace it with something healthier. I love eating hummus with veggies, or make myself a quick fruit salad to satisfy my sugar cravings during the day. I also just discovered ORGANIC red grapes at Trader Joes market, and I get them every week now. They are so delicious, and pesticide-free =) Check out the Grapes from California facebook page to enter to win $5000. You have to enter by July 31!

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