22 Healthy Lunch Ideas

My schedule has been getting more and more busy with school and work, and it is hard for me to resist eating out since it is easier than putting together my lunch in the morning. I found this article from Cooking Light magazine on 22 Healthy Lunch Ideas!


My favorites are:

Tomato Soup (you can always make this ahead of time, and it will last a few days!), Garden Citrus Salad, and the Tomato Arugula Pancetta Sandwich.

What are you favorite “healthy” lunches that are quick and easy to fix?


  1. Hotly Spiced says:

    It’s always so tempting just to buy lunch but it does get expensive. I try to cook more dinner than we’ll eat so there are leftovers for lunch. Right now I have a bean and pork sausage dish that’s good to go as well as a preserved lemon pilaf. Great for my uni students xx

  2. Christine @ Cooking Crusade says:

    I love buying bags of baby spinach leaves, tomatoes and shaved meats from the deli and putting together my own chicken salads with dressings/toppings or sandwiches or crispbreads depending on what I feel like for the week 🙂 Otherwise I make different patties (tuna, chicken, etc) and pair them with salad / rice / veg for the week.

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