BUBBA Veggie Burgers to Welcome Summer!


At least once a week I try to highlight and review a new product. This week, I want to share the BUBBA Veggie Burger with you, since summertime is quickly approaching and that means BBQ season is almost here! I love to BBQ, but too much fatty red meat doesn’t fit well with my healthy lifestyle. These veggie burgers are a great alternative for me when I feel like skipping the red meat! I like to have them on hand in my freezer for a quick, easy, healthy meal.


BUBBA Veggie Burgers are made from all veggies and have a delicious black bean flavor. They are perfect fit to a healthy lifestyle and a good replacement for traditional burgers. With only 2.5 grams of fat and no saturated fat or cholesterol, they make a great low-fat, vegetarian alternative at your next cook out! They are also non-GMO and gluten free, and provide a good source of dietary fiber. You can find these yummy burgers in packs of four 3-oz burgers per box in the frozen section at the grocery store. What I find really convenient is that you don’t need to thaw them before cooking! Just put them right from the freezer onto the grill 🙂

I like to serve them on whole wheat buns and my favorite toppings are lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and pickles. Do you have any favorite veggie burger recipes/tips? Share them below!


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  1. Dana Lanzilotta says:

    My family has always enjoyed your burger A LOT…except me..i don’t eat meat.
    I bought a box of your veggie burgers, but I cant find anywhere, if it may contain peanuts or tree nuts, or made in the same facility. I am severely allergic to all of the above!!
    Please let me know if they are safe, as I’m really looking forward to eating them!
    . Sincerely,
    Dana Lanzilotta

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