Healthy Super Bowl Appetizers 2013

super bowl appetizers
Tomorrow is a big day for us here in San Francisco! Our 49ers are playing in the Super Bowl (sorry Ravens fans, but you know who I am rooting for!!). My husband and I are running in our first half-marathon tomorrow morning. I have been pretty calm all day, which is great since the night I signed up I couldn’t sleep a wink! I feel ready, and I can’t say at this point I wish I would have trained more. I am so thankful that I didn’t get hurt in the process leading up to tomorrow, and I will be able to participate in my first half! Afterwards we will probably lay on the couch and flip on the TV to watch the Super Bowl. I know it is a little late, but if you are still pondering what appetizers to make tomorrow, here are some of my favorite healthy Super Bowl appetizers. I think I will make some hummus and chili kale chips, yummm. Whatever you are doing tomorrow, I hope you have a safe and fun day! XoXo

Healthy Super Bowl Appetizer Ideas

Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Hummus

Baked Organic Zucchini Fries w/ Marinara Sauce

Baked Organic Zucchini Chips

Cucumber Rolls

Vegetable Quinoa Cakes w/ Light Sour Cream

Organic, Unsalted Tortilla Chips with Salsa

Caprese Salad

Baked Organic Chili Kale Chips



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