Germany, Austria, & Italy Favorites

I am currently waiting for my flight out of Munich back to San Francisco. It has been a wonderful trip, but as I sit here I feel that it went by too fast. Here are a few photos from our trip that are not just food, ha.

We started in Hamburg, Germany, where we spent Christmas. It was my first time to a German Christmas Market, and it was just bursting with great food, handmade crafts that you can’t find anywhere else, and lots of people enjoying the holiday atmosphere!

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Next we drove east to a cute hotel on a small lake. The scenery was gorgeous, and, of course, I enjoyed every dish served at the restaurant nextdoor for Christmas dinner!

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We had only a few days in the Black Forest, where we celebrated our wedding with family and friends in Germany…


Then we spent a week skiing in Austria and Italy – the scenery was breathtaking! This is the cute hotel we stayed at, and for dessert one night they served vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce – on fire!!! This was the coolest dessert I have ever seen 😀

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Now I am off to San Francisco, where my little kitchen is waiting for me…

Until next time! 🙂


  1. Anja says:

    Wonderful pictures! I am originally from Germany and miss the food (especially “Konditoreien”) alot. I also enjoy Photography, so your blog is a treat all around! Maybe I should bake this weekend? German Redwine Cake?

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