Pumpkin Trifle

This pumpkin trifle recipe is an easy,failproof dessert you can make for your guests this holiday season. Layers of torn spiced sponge cake pieces, pumpkin pie pudding, and homemade whipped cream make up this elegant pumpkin trifle dessert.

pumpkin trifle

As a food blogger, I always get asked if I eat everything I make on my blog. My answer is always YES!! I do share (sometimes), or put half of what I make in the freezer if it is a large dish, but mostly, I just love to eat. When I was asked to make this pumpkin trifle recipe for Thanksgiving.com, my first thought was: can I eat this whole trifle myself? It would only be good for a few days max, because of the homemade whipped cream. 

This was going to be a problem. See, my husband doesn’t eat sweets. He is probably the most disciplined person I know when it comes to eating healthy, and without him in my life I would probably be 100 pounds heavier. Just kidding, but I do make less sweets than I would if he loved to eat them more, which is actually good for me! After we first got together, I realized I couldn’t make a whole batch of cookies or cupcakes or I would end up eating the whole batch myself.

Back to this pumpkin trifle problem. This is where good friends come in, the kind of friends who will help you eat all the food you make! So the pumpkin trifle problem was solved when our friends came over for dinner and dessert last weekend, and we managed to devour half of a trifle meant for a party of 10-12. I was happy to eat the rest myself over the next two days (my figure not so much). You guys – this pumpkin trifle is really good.

This holiday season, skip the fuss over pie making and go for this pumpkin trifle recipe! Get the step-by-step recipe on Thanksgiving.com here: http://www.thanksgiving.com/recipes/desserts/pumpkin-pie-trifle/

I am still struggling with the whole working out with the new time change thing. Does anyone else feel my pain with it getting dark so early and the days seeming so short? I have been going on walks more during the day with Leila, but missing my evening runs when Fabi is home to watch her (because by then it is dark outside!). I am so happy tomorrow is Veteran’s Day holiday so I can actually have a good work out since Fabi is off! #mommyproblems

Oh yeah, and Leila started laughing last week. It is the cutest thing ever, and now we keep trying to make her laugh all the time 😀

Hope you guys are having a great week so far!

pumpkin pie trfile


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