How to Become a Thermomix® USA Consultant

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When I joined Thermomix® USA as a consultant in the Bay Area team a few months ago, I had no idea what to expect. I was looking for a way to make some extra cash while being able to stay at home with my toddler and newborn, but was wary of MLM/pyramid schemes, companies that pressured sales, and getting stuck with product inventory I couldn’t end up selling. I have had bad experiences with consultant positions in the past, but had a good feeling about Thermomix®.

I wrote into the company on the website and was called by a local consultant one day later. Right from the start, the other consultants and leadership made me feel welcome and supported my personal challenges of being a mom of two small kids. They made it clear to me that being a Thermomix® consultant was not a sales position, but a sharing position, and it was being part of a group of people who had a passion for cooking. They explained that since Thermomix® was so new to the United States and that most people have not heard of it, the most important role of the Thermomix® consultant was to share it and get the word out. The appliance is so amazing and unique that the sales would come. They were right.

Before I signed up, I had some questions. How much was the upfront cost of starting my consultant business? How much time would I have to put in? Would I have to do “parties” at peoples’ houses?

Of course things are always changing, but when I joined the team a few months ago, the cost of signing up to become a consultant was $0. They had just made the “Getting Started” package virtual and FREE (before it was about $80 for all of the materials to be mailed to you), my apron was FREE, and my training was FREE. It seemed to good to be true, but there it was… I guess you could consider having to own your own Thermomix® TM6 unit, which is about $1500, an “upfront cost”. I didn’t, because I told myself I was buying it for my family, not solely to start a consultant business. Either way, I love being a TM6 owner, and being a consultant gives me more perks! For example, I get subscription to Cookidoo® for free (usually it is $40 per year), and I get special warranty for my Thermomix® parts. We can also earn bonuses from our sales, and special rewards, like baking and cooking accessories.

To answer the questions of time required to be a consultant, no certain amount of time is required, and it varies from person to person on the Thermomix® USA team. Some are dedicated, full-time consultants pursuing leadership roles in the company, and others, like myself, are part-time consultants who have young families and other responsibilities. When they said it becomes YOUR business, they meant it. You can make it what you want, by putting in however much time in that you want. I love the flexibility.

I joined the team at a strange time – right after the COVID-19 pandemic started. Thermomix® was transitioning to a “party” business model to an online business model. And despite fears of how that would affect sales, sales went up! Why? Thermomix® consultants are now not only trained to find hosts and go to peoples’ houses, they are now trained to do online demos to interested buyers all over the United States. Our business h

as expanded immensely! For me personally, I love being able to share Thermomix® from the comfort of my own home, with my kids playing next to me.

I would love to chat with you about being a Thermomix® USA consultant, and help you on your journey. Feel free to contact me for more information!

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Kristianne Hannemann, Thermomix® USA Consultant ID 113607


  1. Sheila Cheng says:

    Kristianne, I would like to get a TM6 for my best friend living in Danville. She is interested in becoming a consultant herself too. Before you contact her for more details and demo , may I know how I can go about ordering one for her through you? I live in Hong Kong but I can transfer the cost to you or pay by a credit card? Thanks a lot!

    • Kristianne says:

      Hi Jazlie! You need to own a TM6 (see link above to purchase from me) and then you will attend a presentation that goes over the program and do online training. There is not currently a monthly sales target. Thanks for your questions!

  2. Trang says:

    Hi Kristianne, you still an active Thermomix consultant? I look to buy a TM6 machine for my family. Is there good deals from consultant if I buy through you at this time? Thank you in advance for your information.

  3. Kelvin says:


    I am looking to buying a TM6 for my family that lives in Hong Kong. Is there a a TM6 that is for Hong Kong? As in the plug and voltage.

    Let me know if you know a consultant in Hong Kong

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