Healthy Weekly Meal Plan #4

Healthy Weekly Meal Plan 4

I’m back for another healthy weekly meal plan, so get those shopping lists out! It is already Sunday again, and time to plan your healthy meals for the week. Every week I pick a few healthy recipes from My San Francisco Kitchen and share them in a meal plan for your Monday – Friday week. These healthy meal plans are meant to be low fat and made from scratch with no preservatives or added artificial ingredients. If something is not hyperlinked, it is because I don’t have a recipe posted for it. I apologize for missing last week…The weekend went by even faster than usual. At least this weekend is a 3-day weekend, so it only feels like Saturday today.

Today I am trying my first extended spin class. The normal spin classes are 50 minutes, and the extended is 80 minutes. Hope I survive that long!! >.< I tried running stairs yesterday at one of my favorite spots in the city, but because of FLEET WEEK the stairs were packed with people watching the show in the sky. Unfortunately, I didn’t get such a great work out.

I’ve been wondering how many trips to the grocery store people usually take every week. I am really lucky to be surrounded by FOUR grocery stores within a few minutes walking distance, so I go almost every day to pick up some fresh food. Lately, I have been trying to go to the local Farmers’ Market once a week and the grocery store another once or twice. When I lived in the suburbs growing up, we would go once or maybe twice a week to the grocery store. Do you have a scheduled day where you get your food for the week, or do you go more often? I think it is helpful to plan out your meals for the week so you know exactly what food you will need. I love stocking my fridge with fresh produce, which goes bad within a few days, so I have to go at least twice per week.

What about you?

Have a great week!



spiced apple green smoothie

Breakfast: Spiced apple green smoothie

Lunch: Curried sweet potatoes and tofu

Dinner: Butternut squash soup and sandwiches



Honey glazed salmon

Breakfast: Granola with yogurt and fresh berries

Lunch: Prosciutto spaghetti carbonara

Dinner: Honey glazed grilled salmon and edamame



Pear walnut salad

Breakfast: 2 eggs, toast and fruit

Lunch: Pear, walnut, beet and arugula salad

Dinner: Pumpkin curry



pistachia crusted tilapia

Breakfast: Strawberry oatmeal smoothie

Lunch: Minestrone soup

Dinner: Pistachio crusted tilapia with green beans and potatoes



salmon burgers

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins and pecans

Lunch: Pesto tomato thin crust pizza

Dinner: Salmon burgers with homemade potato wedges and roasted broccoli


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  1. Hotly Spiced says:

    Good luck with that really long spin class. I shop almost every day as I like to walk to the shops and so I take a granny trolley with me. It holds enough for one or two days only but I prefer to shop that way as I get a bit of exercise and I do hate taking the car xx

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